Glazed Structures

Project “Starway to Heaven” : a fully glazed helicoidal staircase

Scala Vetro Rendering

Many architects and engineers have been engaged in the last years with the challenging and almost technically impossible theme of transparent staircases. Actually some exemplars can be admired in different countries all over the world.

Maurizio Froli has conceived a fully glazed helicoidal staircase which differs from the existing exemplars because it is completely free from any intermediate support.

The staircase, which can overcome a difference of level of more than three meters with a angular projection of 180°, is supported by two twin helicoidal, prestressed glass beams laminated with four sheets.

Also the steps are made by laminated glass. Each beam is subdivided into three segments spliced together by means of special connection arrangements developed ad hoc.
The entire structure obeys the principles of the Fail Safe Design and has been completely engineered within some final graduate works (Candidates: Stefano Viti, Tommaso Conti, Alessio Vezzosi; Relators: Maurizio Froli, Gerardo Masiello).